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  July/August 2009
Connections - July/August 2009 - Above & Beyond
Above & Beyond
Loud and Proud — An unstoppable teen singer teams up with NASCAR's Denny Hamlin to raise CF awareness.
Connections - July/August 2009 - A Surf Session for Babies?
A "Surf Session" for Babies?
Hypertonic saline, a mist twice as salty as the Atlantic Ocean that helps clear the lungs of thousands of people with CF, may make babies breathe easier, too.
Connections - July/August 2009 - CF Balancing Act
The CF Balancing Act
Some masters in multitasking share their creative methods for managing daily care.
Connections - July/August 2009 - Antibiotics
New Antibiotics in the CF Medicine Chest
What can the most commonly used tool in a doctor’s arsenal do for CF?
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