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November 2012

Above & Beyond

Shelby Klug, 14, who has CF, loves playing the drums, listening to her favorite band, Green Day, and cuddling with her dog, Rocky. She hopes to be an actress someday.

Shelby Klug, 14, who has CF, loves playing the drums, listening to her favorite band, Green Day, and cuddling with her dog, Rocky. She hopes to be an actress someday.

Shelby Klug, 14, who was diagnosed with cystic fibrosis at age 2, hopes to be an actress someday. As the inspiration behind Team ShelbyUSA, she has already had a taste of being in the limelight.

In 2011 — the national corporate team’s first year — Team ShelbyUSA raised about $100,000 at CF Foundation fundraisers across the United States, including Great Strides, CF Cycle for Life and CF Climb. And the team is determined to reach their $250,000 goal this year.

The Making of a National Corporate Team

A family friend, Cynthia McCloud, came up with the idea of Team ShelbyUSA, to expand support of the CF Foundation’s search for a cure for Shelby and all people with cystic fibrosis.

“Cynthia knew we could pool our resources and contacts to raise significant money for CF,” recalls Sue Klug, Shelby’s mom, who lives in Orange County with Shelby and her brother, Sean, and their dad, Todd.

Sue and Cynthia reached out to their contacts in the food industry and to friends and business associates across the country, and the dollars started flowing in. Today the team receives support from Albertsons, Acme Markets, Bristol Farms, Smart & Final and MarketTools.

With 24 teams across 12 states, including Washington, Oregon, California, Arizona, Hawaii, Illinois, Minnesota, Delaware, Pennsylvania, Nevada, New Jersey and Massachusetts, Sue says their goal is to have Team ShelbyUSA volunteers in every state.

Inspiring People Across the Nation

CX - November 2012 - Above & Beyond

At the Southern California Chapter — Orange County Office Great Strides event at Huntington Beach this past spring, 370 walkers wore T-shirts donning Shelby’s smiling face as they raised money on her behalf.

“I feel very grateful and appreciative for so many people walking and giving up their day to come support me,” Shelby says.

Shelby has attended CF Foundation fundraisers in California and Nevada, and she would like to attend even more events in the coming years to support the search for a cure. At the Great Strides walk in Santa Monica, Calif., Shelby shared her story with more than 1,000 people, speaking about her daily routine that includes getting up at 4:30 a.m. to take her medications and do her breathing and vest treatments.

“In the beginning, most people will feel sorry for me, but I don’t let CF stop me from doing what I want to do or having fun,” Shelby says, explaining that she strives to inspire people through her story.

Shelby’s strength and courage motivated her teacher at Fairmont Private School to come up with an idea to drum up even more support for the CF cause. Instead of donating a gift to the school, the Class of 2012 donated $500 to the CF Foundation and an additional $500 to Breathe Easy with Us, which provides CF patients with care packages when they are hospitalized.

“I was very happy and honored,” Shelby says.

Now Shelby’s team logo is going global as friends and teammates pose with it at famous places, such as the Gateway Arch in St. Louis, the Rocky statue in Philadelphia and with tribesmen in Africa.

Whether they are walking, cycling or climbing at CF Foundation events, all Team ShelbyUSA supporters are united through one common goal: To raise money to find a cure.

“Someday ‘CF’ will stand for ‘Cure Found,’” Sue says. “And for our family, that day cannot come soon enough."

To learn more about Team ShelbyUSA, check out the team website.

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