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  June 2009
Connections - June09 - Above & Beyond
Above & Beyond
Fighting Hard, Dreaming Big — College student Tara Parker talks about coping with CF and her inspiring “Must-Do” list.
Connections - June09 - Basic Defect
Zeroing In on the Basic Defect: Attacking CF at Its Very Core
With a new drug in development, the Foundation is working to treat not just the symptoms of CF but the root cause of the disease — the faulty CF gene.
Connections - June09 - Exercise
Exercise and CF — Surf! Swim! Run! Dance! It’s All Good!
Find out how exercise can be beneficial for people with CF.
Connections - June09 - Melissa Ashlock
Sleep? Not Melissa Ashlock...At Least Not Until There's a Cure
This dynamic researcher and CF expert talks about leading CF drug development and her round-the-clock dedication to curing the disease.