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CF Foundation Seeks to Facilitate Clinical Trials

For many years, the CF Foundation has worked to build a robust drug discovery and development “pipeline” of promising therapies to treat cystic fibrosis. Thanks to the efforts of countless volunteers, donors and scientists, there are now nearly 30 drugs in the pipeline. With this expansion of critical research, the Foundation now faces a new challenge: recruiting more CF patients to participate in clinical trials to test potential drugs.

It is estimated that 10 percent of CF patients are already involved in clinical trials, but this number must grow two- or three-fold over the next three to five years if new drugs are to be evaluated and become available to patients. Currently, several large Phase 3 trials are recruiting volunteers. To successfully complete these trials, more than a thousand people with CF will need to step forward and volunteer to participate. If there are not enough participants to complete these trials, some new therapies will never become available. More »

Lauren, age 2 and mom, Chelsea
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