Therapeutics Development Centers 

The Therapeutics Development Network (TDN) includes 82 clinical research centers, called CF Therapeutics Development Centers (TDCs).

As shown in the map below, TDCs are widely distributed geographically, giving people with CF all across the country a chance to participate in clinical trials.

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Therapeutics Development Centers

TDCs are selected by the CF Foundation through a competitive process. Each center is a Foundation-accredited care center with a solid research support system, qualified personnel and demonstrated expertise in conducting CF clinical research.

High Standards and High Expectations 

TDCs benefit from the centralized training, standardized procedures and highly collaborative environment offered by the TDN. They use quality improvement tools and strategies on an ongoing basis, and their performance in clinical studies is monitored to encourage continued quality and efficiency without compromising safety.

TDCs also have high expectations for the studies they choose to conduct. With multicenter interventional studies, TDCs will prioritize those that have been through the TDN protocol review process and that will be monitored for safety by the CFFT Data Safety Monitoring Board.

Becoming a TDC 

A competitive renewal process for TDCs is held approximately every two years. CF Foundation-accredited care centers that are interested in joining the TDN should contact the CF Foundation's Grants and Contracts Office at

Additional Resources 

  • To learn more about the advantages of conducting a clinical trial within the network and how to leverage our expertise, see Working with the TDN.

  • Visit Find a Clinical Trial to learn about current studies being conducted at TDCs and other CF care centers.

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Updated: 1/13/2015