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We are here to help people with CF get the insurance coverage they need. Hear how the Foundation helped the Cox family.

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      Frequently Asked Questions
      Testing for Cystic Fibrosis
            Newborn Screening
                  What is Newborn Screening?
                  What is CF?
                  Why are Newborns Screened for CF?
                  What are the Chances my Baby has CF?
                  What is the Sweat Test?
                  What is the Next Step if my Baby has CF?
                  What Does it Mean to be a Carrier?
                  For Health Care Providers
                  Additional Resources
            Sweat Test
      Infection Prevention and Control Policy
            Letter on Infection Control
      Message from the President
      Foundation Leadership
      Press Room
            Press Releases
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            Media Inquiries
            Media FAQs
            CFF In the News
      Annual Report & Financial Statements
      Publications & Videos
                  Living Today, Adding Tomorrows
                  My Dream
                        Father's Day
                        Mother's Day
                  What is it About Tomorrow?
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            Commitment Archive
      Governance & Policies
            Board of Trustees
            Accountability & Certifications
            Charitable Solicitation Disclosure
            Code of Ethics
            Donor Bill of Rights
            Reporting Fraud & Abuse
      News & Events
            2015 News Archive
            2014 News Archive
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      Milestones II Campaign
            The Milestones Club
            Milestones Update
      About 65 Roses
      Employment Opportunities
            CF Basic Research Centers
            Find a Care Center
            Find a Chapter
      Contact Us
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      Find a Chapter
      Community Outreach Program - Wilson
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      Many Ways to Give
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            Annual Fund
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                  Donate to Annual Fund
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            Become a Corporate Partner
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      Raise CF Awareness
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      Foundation Events
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            American Airlines Celebrity Ski
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      Fundraise for CF at College
            Kick CF at Night
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            Other Kick CF Events
            Signature Events
            Plan Your Event
      CF Cycle for Life
      CF Climb
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      Become an Advocate
            Briefings & Testimonies
                  Previous Briefings & Testimonies
            Advocacy Toolkit
                  Current Issues
                        Tell Your Story
                  Action Materials
                  Visit Your Member
                  Tips to Tell Your Story
            Advocacy Achievements
                  Achievements Archive
                  News and Events
            Congressional CF Caucus
            Make Every Breath Count
      Participate In a Clinical Trial
      Improve Your CF Care
      Give Us Your Ideas
      Get CFF Limited Collectibles
      65 Roses Donation Center
Gifts for a Cure
      Send an eCard
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      Great Strides Dynamic Content Holder
            NATIONAL TEAMS
                  National Corporate Teams
                  National Family Teams
Holiday Shop
      In the Spotlight
            Previously Featured
      Staying Healthy
            CF Infant Care: First Year of Life
            Knowing Your CF
                  Nutrition & Healthy Eating
                  Nutrition: Changes Through Life
                  Food Ideas & Recipes
                  Pancreatic Enzyme Replacement
                  FAQs About Phthalates & Pancreatic Enzymes
                  Vitamins and Minerals
                  Herbal Products
                  CF-Related Diabetes
                  What You Should Know
                  Burkholderia cepacia FAQs
                  Influenza - The Flu
            Get Germ Smart
                  What Are Germs?
                  How Are Germs Spread?
                  Why Are Some Germs Particularly Dangerous for People with CF?
                  How Can You Avoid Germs?
                  How Can You Lower the Risk of Cross-Infection?
                  Resources to Help You Avoid Germs
            Lung Health
                  Risks of Smoking
                  Exercise and CF
      Infection Prevention and Control
            Tip Sheets
                  7 Ways to Guard Against Germs in Health Care Settings
                  8 Ways to Guard Against Germs in Everyday Life
                  Help Patients Guard Against Germs When Under Your Care
      For Adults with CF
      Care Center Network
            Find a CF Care Center
            Quality Improvement Initiative
            Care Center Data
            Patient Registry Report
      CF In the Workplace
      Quality Improvement Initiative
            Choosing Quality Healthcare
            Improve Your CF Care
                  Reach Out to Your Care Center
                  Start An Advisory Group
                  Create a Parent to Parent Network
                  Reach Out to Hospital Administration
            What You Can Do
            Tips for Success
            Patient Registry Report
            Success Stories
                  Birth of an Advisory Council
                  Sharing Information
                  Fulfilling My Commitment
                  Advisory Board
                  Improving Care
                  QI in Adult Program
      Health Insurance & the Affordable Care Act (ACA)
            Basics of Health Insurance
            Affordable Care Act (ACA)
                  FAQs About the ACA
      Patient Assistance Resource Center
            CF Legal Hotline
            CF Patient Assistance Foundation
            Patient Assistance Resource Library
            Nationwide Programs
            State-Specific Programs
      CF at School
            Teacher's Guide to CF
            School and CF
            School Enzymes Sports and CF
            School Transitions
      Healthy Web Surfing
      CF Education Webcasts
            Archived Webcasts
                  Germs and Infection Control
                  Respiratory / Lungs
                  Nutrition / GI
                  Partnering for Care
      Informacion en Espanol
Planned Giving
      Research Milestones
      About Clinical Trials
            Learn About Clinical Trial Participation
            FAQs About Clinical Trials
                  Combined VX-770-VX-809 FAQs
                  FAQs About Ataluren
                  Combined Ivacaftor & Lumacaftor FAQs
            Clinical Trials Experiences
            Informed Consent
            Glossary of Terms
            Patient Registry Report
            Find a Clinical Trial
                  Receive Clinical Trial Alerts
      Drug Development Pipeline
            Additional Clinical Initiatives
      CF Basic Research Centers
      Cystic Fibrosis Foundation Therapeutics (CFFT)
            CFFT Board of Directors
            CFFT Financial Statements
            CFFT Data Safety Monitoring Board
      Therapeutics Development Network (TDN)
            TDN Coordinating Center
                  Study & Site Management
                  Biostatistics & Clinical Data Management
                  Medical/Safety Monitoring
                  Research Pharmacy Services
            Therapeutics Development Centers
            TDN National Resource Centers
            Working with the TDN
                  Consulting Services
                  Consulting Focus Areas
                  Consulting Group
                  Protocol Review
      North American CF Conference
            2009 Conference
            2010 Conference
            2011 Conference
            2012 Conference
            2014 Conference
            2013 Conference
            2008 Conference
            2007 Conference
            2006 Conference
      For Researchers
            CF Research Tools & Resources
                  Antimicrobial Tools
                  Bioinformatics Tools
                  CF Research Consortia
                  CFFT Biorepository
                  CFTR Antibodies & CFTR Modulators
                  CFTR Assays
                  CFTR Protein
                  CFF Patient Registry Data Requests
            Funding Opportunities
                  Clinical Research Awards
                  Research Grants
                  Training Grants
                        Policies & Guidelines for 1st Year Clinical Fellow
                  New Funding Opportunities
            Grant Reporting Forms
            Cystic Fibrosis Foundation Research Conference
Site Map
Tell A Friend
      Care Center Network
            CF Foundation-accredited Care Centers
            Patient Registry Report
            Quality Improvement Initiative
            Care Center Data
                  Airway Clearance
                  Postural Drainage
                  Antibiotic Resistance
                  Hypertonic Saline
                  Caring for your PICC
                  Implanted Ports
                  For the Infant
                  For the Toddler
                  For the Child
                  For the Teen
                  Healthy Eating
                  Vitamins and Minerals
                  Tube Feeding
                  Bone Health
                  CF-Related Diabetes
            Alternative Therapies
      CF Care Guidelines
            Infection Control
            Age-Specific Care
      Drug Development Pipeline
      Lung Transplantation
      Manage Tribute
      Tribute Login
      Tribute Search
Adults with CF
            Basics of Lung Care
                  Learn About Your Lungs
                  Work with Your CF Team
                  Use the Right Therapies
                  Manage Your Time
                  Get Help When You Are Sick
            Diabetes Screening & Diagnosis
                  Learn About CFRD
                  Work with Your CF Team
                  Know What to Do
                  Know CFRD Terms
                  Speaking from Experience
            Eating on the Go
                  Planning & Organizing Tips
                  Ideas for Grab 'n Go Meals & Snacks
                  Work with Your CF Team
                  Check Out These Recipes
                  Speaking from Experience
                  Additional Resources
      Gastrointestinal (GI)
            Basics of the Digestive Tract
                  Learn About the Digestive Tract
                  Work with Your CF Team
                  Use the Right GI Medications
                  Manage Your Time
                  Get Help When You Need It
            Basics of Infection Control
                  Learn About Controlling Infection
                  Ways to Limit Germs
                  Work with Your CF Team
                  Manage Sensitive Social Situations
                  Get Help When You Need It
            Nontuberculous Mycobacteria (NTM)
                  Learn About NTM
                  Beyond the Basics
                  Work with Your CF Team
                  Use the Right Treatment for NTM
                  Get Help When You Need It
      Daily Life
                  Learn About Exercise
                  Work with Your CF Team
                  Exercise Management Tips
                  Use the Right Approach
                  Speaking from Experience
            Managing Home Care
                  Learn the Basics
                  Make Home Care Work
                  Work with Your CF Team
                  Manage Your Time
                  Get Help When You Need It
                  Give Yourself a Little Love
                  Speaking from Experience
            Time Management
                  Time Management Tips
                  Work with Your CF Team
                  Make Wise Decisions
                  Forgive Yourself
                  Get Help When You Need It
                  Speaking from Experience
            Traveling with CF
                  Basics of Traveling with CF
                  Work with Your CF Team
                  Traveling with Meds & CFRD
                  Learn Helpful Tips
                  Maintain Your Health & Infection Control
                  Speaking from Experience
      Social Life & Relationships
            Make the Most of Your Social Life
                  Manage Your Social Life
                  Let Go of Negative Peers
                  Work with Your CF Team
                  Get Help When You Need It
                  Make Time for Your Social Life
                  Know What to Say
                  Speaking from Experience
            Find Community Support
                  Find Resources in Your Community
                  Work with Your CF Team
                  Become an Investigator
                  Manage Your Time
                  Get Help When You Need It
                  Accept Help Graciously
                  Check Out These Resources
                  Speaking from Experience
      Other Health Issues
            Depression & Anxiety
                  Learn About Depression & Anxiety
                  Work with Your CF Team
                  Manage Your Time
                  Get Help When You Need It
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