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Cystic fibrosis (CF) is a complex, chronic disease that affects different parts of the body, especially the lungs and digestive system. To stay healthy, people with CF of all ages must follow a regular treatment routine to maintain lung health and have good nutrition and growth.

The type and severity of CF symptoms can differ widely from person to person. CF Foundation-accredited care centers work closely with people with CF to create individualized treatment plans.

Each day, however, most people with CF do airway clearance to help loosen and clear thick mucus that can build up in the lungs; take inhaled medicines, including antibiotics, to help keep the airways clear; and take pancreatic enzyme supplements to improve absorption of vital nutrients.

The CF Foundation supports research to discover and develop new CF treatments, and maintains a pipeline of potential therapies that target the disease from every angle. The most recent drug approved for CF treats the underlying genetic cause of CF in some people with the disease. Work is ongoing to find more breakthrough therapies that target the root cause of CF in all people living with the disease.

Updated: 5/1/2014