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Ensuring Access to Care

In a complex and rapidly changing health care system, we promote policies that help ensure people with cystic fibrosis have access to high-quality, specialized care so they can live longer, healthier lives.

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    Advocating for Robust Funding for CF Research and Drug Development

    Robust funding for the National Institutes of Health helps ensure innovation in basic research and a full pipeline of cystic fibrosis therapies. A well-resourced U.S. Food and Drug Administration helps advance these therapies, making sure that they are safe and effective.

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    Preserving Access for People with CF: The Importance of Cost and Affordability

    Recent therapeutic advances have transformed cystic fibrosis -- adding decades of life and new hope for people living with this disease. To protect this progress, it’s critical that people with CF can access high-quality, specialized treatments and care, regardless of income, insurance, or geography.

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    Statements, Letters, and Regulatory Comments

    By educating elected officials and other government decision-makers on the needs of the cystic fibrosis community, the Cystic Fibrosis Foundation works to shape public policy to help our efforts to cure CF and provide all people with CF the opportunity to live full, healthy lives. Below find a listing of our state and federal statements, letters, and regulatory comments submitted from March 2018-to date.

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