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A Message From Our CEO

Working with the CF community over the last six decades, the CF Foundation has driven unprecedented advances in the fight against CF -- and our most important work is still ahead. Hear Mike Boyle, President and CEO of the CF Foundation, reflect on our vision for the future.

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    Our Strategic Plan: Cure

    As we set our sights on the future, we continue to aggressively pursue a cure for all people with CF. We also recognize that many individuals with CF need better treatments for the serious manifestations of their disease today, and we are committed to advancing new therapies as quickly as possible.

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    Our Strategic Plan: Care

    High-quality, comprehensive care has added decades of life for people with CF. We will apply the principles of our pioneering care model to optimize health for people with CF in this transformative time.

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    Our Strategic Plan: Community

    Today, the number of adults with cystic fibrosis exceeds the number of children, bringing new power and energy to our mission as the CF community shapes our priorities and pushes us forward. We are seeking new and meaningful ways to engage, partner with, and support the CF community.

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    Strategic Plan Printable Summary

    Download a snapshot of our strategic plan to see our vision for 2020-2024 at a glance.

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