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Partnerships for Sustaining Daily Care: What We Learned About Partnering in CF Care

What does it take to sustain daily cystic fibrosis care? The Partnerships for Sustaining Daily Care (PSDC) team took that question on the road to hear from individuals with CF, families, and care teams.

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    Learn More About CFTR Mutations With Our New Clinical Research Handout

    We are excited to unveil a brand new handout, “Know Your CFTR Mutations.”

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  2. New Executive Summaries of Clinical Guidelines on CFF.org

    To help implement and improve the accessibility of the cystic fibrosis clinical care guidelines, multidisciplinary CF care providers are working with Drs. Christopher Oermann and Manu Jain to develop executive summaries of the published guidelines.

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  3. New Educational Resources Now Available

    Learn about the latest educational resources to help your patients and their families manage their cystic fibrosis, now available on CFF.org.

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