Care Centers

Cystic Fibrosis Foundation-accredited care centers provide expert care and specialized disease management to people living with cystic fibrosis (CF). Teams of dedicated health care professionals partner with people with CF and their families in this nationwide network of more than 120 care centers so that people living with the disease can live longer, healthier, more productive lives.

The Care Center Model

This nationwide network of more than 120 centers has dedicated health care professionals who partner with people living with CF and their families to provide expert cystic fibrosis care and specialized disease management.

The Highest Quality of Care 

The Cystic Fibrosis Foundation funds and accredits each care center and 55 affiliate programs nationwide -- including 96 programs for treating adults with CF. Located at teaching and community hospitals across the country, these centers offer comprehensive, high quality care. This elevated level of specialized care has led to longer, more productive lives for people living with CF.

Care centers also participate in clinical research. And they help educate doctors, nurses and health care teams about CF and the care required to help achieve and maintain the best possible health. To maintain CF Foundation accreditation, each center undergoes a thorough re-accreditation review every year and periodic site visits to make sure a high standard of care is consistently provided.

The CF Foundation's care center network combines clinical research with medical care best practices and has been cited by the National Institutes of Health as a model of effective and efficient health care delivery for a chronic disease.

People with CF are living longer than ever before with the median predicted survival age continuing to increase.

Regular Care Center Visits 

Visiting your care center at least four times a year is a very important part of managing your health with CF. During these visits, your CF care team will work with you to develop and revise your treatment plan and monitor your health.

Care centers use pulmonary function tests (PFTs), sputum or throat cultures and blood tests, among others to monitor your health status. These tests can detect small decreases in lung function or a germ growing in the lungs before they are felt. This can help your CF care team take steps to prevent these issues from getting worse and causing bigger problems. You should contact your care center any time you're not feeling your best.

Sweat tests, the "gold standard" for diagnosing CF, are also done at Foundation-accredited care centers.

CF Care Guidelines

The CF Foundation is committed to creating and promoting medical care that improves the health and extends the lives of people with cystic fibrosis. To ensure that people with CF continue to experience steady gains in length and quality of life, the Foundation helps its accredited care centers provide a standard of CF care with guidelines based on the latest research, medical evidence and consultation with experts on best practices. Learn more about the Foundation's clinical care guidelines.

Your Care Team

Since cystic fibrosis is a complex disease, it requires a team approach with you or your child at the center. Your care team includes a group of CF health professionals who partner with you to provide specialized, comprehensive CF care. Learn more about your CF care team.

Find a CF Care Center

The Cystic Fibrosis Foundation provides funding for and accredits more than 120 CF care centers and 55 affiliate programs nationwide, including 96 programs for treating adults with CF. Located at teaching and community hospitals across the country, these care centers offer comprehensive, high quality care for those living with CF. Find a care center near you.

Care Center Data

The CF Foundation's Patient Registry tracks the health outcomes of people with cystic fibrosis who receive care at Foundation-accredited care centers, and makes this information easily available to the CF community. 

We encourage you to use this data to work together and find ways to make your or your child's health, and the quality of your care, the best it can be. View the health care data for a specific care center.