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4 Tips for Telling Your CF Story to Legislators

Learn four tips for telling your cystic fibrosis story so people are listening, engaged and inspired to take action.

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  1. Current Advocacy Actions

    Taking action on behalf of the CF community only takes a few seconds. Check out the online actions and let decision makers know how they can help the CF community.

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  2. Sign Up for Advocacy Action Alerts

    Want to learn more about CF advocacy? Sign up to receive our emails and action alerts.

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    Why We Must Advocate

    Austin Faught started advocating for those with cystic fibrosis in 2016 when his health insurer dropped his son’s CF care team from its plan. He has found that advocacy gets easier with practice.

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  1. Resource

    Advocacy with Melissa Shiffman

    Hear how Melissa Shiffman, an adult with CF, shares her personal story when she advocates.

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    You Did It! EACT Passed in The House

    Sr. Vice President for Policy and Community Affairs Mary Dwight reflects on the passage of the Ensuring Access to Clinical Trials Act (EACT) and what it means for the community.

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    Paddling Hard in the Right Direction

    When Brady was diagnosed with CF, I felt like I’d been thrown into a river without a paddle. But then I realized my “paddle” was CF advocacy, and it could help steer our boat in the right direction.

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    “I Want to Be Paul Freeman When I Grow Up”

    Paul participates in Great Strides, advocates on the Hill and has even launched a CF fundraiser. Oh, and he’s only 18.

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    A CF “Champion of Change” Goes to the White House

    I was thrilled to learn earlier this month that Emily Kramer-Golinkoff, a young woman living with cystic fibrosis, would be honored by the White House as a "Champion of Change” for her work to advance the field of personalized medicine.

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