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Tips for Telling Your Story

When you are engaging with elected officials or other decision-makers about life with cystic fibrosis, the most effective tool you have is your personal story. Sharing your experiences helps people understand why you are advocating for the CF community.

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    Share Your Story

    Sharing your unique CF story puts a human face on a complex disease and adds depth to conversations about the need for adequate, affordable, and available coverage. Share your story with the Foundation so together we can educate policymakers, elected officials, and other key stakeholders about the real-life impact of CF.

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    The Importance of CF Advocacy

    Members of the CF community have the power to inspire action and help shape public policy. Learn how you can play an advocacy role in your community.

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    CF Care Clinicians and Advocacy

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    Cystic Fibrosis Costs and Coverage

    Learn more about the costs associated with the complex and highly specialized care people with CF need and why maintaining affordable, adequate, and accessible health coverage is critical.

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