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CF Infant Care

The Cystic Fibrosis Foundation offers a number of resources to help you understand this disease and find the best care for your child.

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    Parent and Guardian Guidance

    Learning that your child has cystic fibrosis can be overwhelming. We are here to help provide you with resources that keep you informed.

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    Working With Your Child's School

    Find the tools and resources you need to help your child achieve academic success while maintaining his or her health.

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    5 Questions for Parents of CF Teens

    As parents of kids with CF, we can make a life-transforming difference by focusing as much on their mental health as we do on their physical health. If you think your child’s CF is taking an emotional toll, asking yourself these questions may help.

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    Why I’m Grateful for My Parents' Approach to My CF

    Growing up with cystic fibrosis, my parents always encouraged me to take responsibility and be open and honest about my disease. That’s why my number one piece of advice for parents of kids with CF is to entrust your child with small bits of responsibility at an early age so that they can take care of themselves down the road.

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    5 Ways I Help My Daughter Sustain Her Daily CF Care

    When my wife and I found out that our daughter had cystic fibrosis, we decided to start maintaining a daily schedule for her CF treatment and care. Here are five ways that we uphold this routine and encourage our little girl to take an active role in her own care.

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