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Facing the Monster: My COVID-19 Experience

Finding out I had COVID-19 was frightening, but much of what my brother and cystic fibrosis taught me about emotional resilience helped me get through it. This is the story of my journey surviving cystic fibrosis and COVID-19.

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    Your COVID-19 Questions Answered

    At ResearchCon 2020, President and CEO Dr. Mike Boyle answered some of the community’s top questions on COVID-19. Here’s your guide to hearing the answers to your questions.

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    Living Separate. Together.

    Having cystic fibrosis, I learned about social distancing long ago. Here is my advice on remaining socially connected.

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    Tips on Surviving Quarantine From a Person With CF

    Is being cooped up at home giving you the blues? Welcome to the world of cystic fibrosis patients! We know all too well what it is like to practice social distancing and to shelter in place.

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    Adapting to an Online Volunteer Leadership Conference

    Although I was disappointed that the Volunteer Leadership Conference was transformed into a virtual event this year, I know that this was the best decision to keep the cystic fibrosis community safe during the coronavirus outbreak.

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    Explore our Spanish-language resources. Visite nuestros recursos en español.

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