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Planning Ahead and What to Expect

Being a parent with cystic fibrosis can be difficult, but a strong support system can help. By learning more about what to expect as a parent with CF, you can find new ways to balance your own health with the time it takes to care for your child.

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    Breastfeeding With CF

    Women with cystic fibrosis can safely breastfeed without compromising their baby's health. However, there are still factors related to your own health that you will need to consider before you decide whether breastfeeding is right for you.

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    Teaching My Kids About My CF

    It is hard to know how much to share with our kids. We want to protect them, but we also need to give them age-appropriate information or else their imaginations will run wild.

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    How I Balance Life as a Single Parent With CF

    They say it takes a village, and this is especially true when you are a single mother of two who also happens to have cystic fibrosis. Single parenthood as a person with CF can be crazy, but being okay with asking for help can make it easier.

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    Adjusting to Life After Baby

    Before I had my son, I had organized my life in such a way that everything flowed in orchestrated harmony. But I found that as he grew I allowed his needs to eclipse my own, and my life soon fell out of balance.

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    5 Tips for Avoiding Germs as a Parent With CF

    Although becoming a father to my two boys has been one of the greatest experiences of my life, there is a delicate balance between being a parent and having cystic fibrosis. Fortunately, I’ve found a couple of tips that help.

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