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Going Through an Evaluation

To be considered for a lung transplant, you must undergo an extensive evaluation at a transplant center. The process can take several days to a week. This evaluation will inform the transplant team about your health, finances, support system, and ability to follow a complex medical regimen.

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    Getting a Referral From Your Doctor and Finding the Best Center for You

    If you and your cystic fibrosis care team decide that a lung transplant might be right for you, talk with your team about what transplant centers you should consider. Often, this is based on where you live, your insurance carrier and the type of insurance coverage you have.

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    Planning to Pay for a Transplant

    It is important to understand that having a lung transplant involves substantial costs before, during and after the transplant. Your health insurance will cover many of the costs, but not all of them, and you will be responsible for co-pays.

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    What If You Don't Qualify?

    If you are not accepted at your transplant center, ask your transplant team about what options you have. It is possible that you will need to receive treatment for another medical condition before you may be considered a good candidate for a lung transplant.

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