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Caring for Your New Lungs

Taking care of your new lungs is a big responsibility. Your transplant team will help you learn how to reduce the risk of infection and rejection and keep your lungs healthy.

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    Surgery and Recovery

    Surgery and recovery involves more than replacing your lungs. The process also includes making the physical and emotional adjustment to life with your new lungs.

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    Life After a Lung Transplant

    Life after transplant includes taking care of your new lungs -- and your cystic fibrosis.

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    Coping After Recovery

    Transplant and recovery is physically and emotionally stressful. But, there are things you can do to help you cope with the stress and the changes in your life that a transplant can bring.

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    Pregnancy After Transplant

    Becoming pregnant after a lung transplant is possible, but is associated with increased complications. Learning more about post-transplant pregnancy can help you understand the potential risks and health implications.

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    Unexpect the Expected: What I Learned After My Lung Transplant

    I did the research. I asked the questions. I thought I knew what to expect when I had a double-lung transplant. I was surprised by what I learned.

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    We Go Together: A Post-Transplant Lesson

    After two double-lung transplants, my lungs don't have CF anymore, but the rest of me still does. In a very real way, CF isn't "behind me" at all. And that's why I continue to fight.

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    Changing How I Eat Post-Transplant

    After my lung transplant, I discovered I couldn’t keep eating the typical high-calorie CF diet. By learning to practice mindful eating, I have found a new way to enjoy my food.

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    Finding New Purpose After Getting New Lungs

    Not having a roadmap for life wasn’t a problem when I thought I wouldn’t be around long enough to take the trip. A double lung-transplant has me rethinking this belief.

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    Invisible Scars: My Life Post-Transplant

    Although my lung transplant was the end of one story, it was also the beginning of another, more difficult story.

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