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Preparing for the Call

There are many things that you can do while waiting for a donor lung to become available. Preparing for a lung transplant includes maintaining your health, performing your cystic fibrosis care routine, and being ready to respond when donor lungs are available.

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    Maintaining Your Health While Waiting

    You may be waiting for a transplant for a long time. While you're waiting, there are some things you will have to do, in addition to your normal routine, to ensure you remain healthy and eligible for transplant.

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    Waiting and Getting the Transplant Call

    I made it onto the transplant list after first being rejected. After 18 months of waiting, I got the call that my new lungs were waiting for me.

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    2 Dry Runs and a Transplant: My Journey Toward New Lungs

    Halloween, April Fools’ Day, and Mother’s Day may be average American holidays for most, but for me, they mark three important days in my long, emotional journey toward a new pair of lungs.

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