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Lung Transplantation Today

Lung transplants are used for many types of diseases that cause the lungs to stop working properly. Only people with very severe lung disease are considered for  lung transplants.

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    Basics of Lung Care

    Although cystic fibrosis affects many parts of the body, for most people who have the disease it is their lung function that presents the great challenge, often affecting their ability to breathe. These guidelines can help people living with CF maintain the highest lung function possible. 

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    Where Do the Donor Lungs Come From?

    Your new lungs will come from someone who has just died. This type of donor is often referred to as a deceased donor or as a cadaveric donor.

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    NACFC Session Discusses Lung Transplant as an Option for Advanced Lung Disease

    The video of the second plenary at this year’s North American Cystic Fibrosis Conference was focused on lung transplantation and is now available to watch online. Having had a lung transplant and as one of the people with CF featured in the video, this particular session had a personal meaning for me.

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