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Talking About a Lung Transplant

It is important to discuss a possible lung transplant long before you need to be listed. This will give you time to prepare for transplant as a future option and work with your cystic fibrosis care team to understand the implications and to create a plan.

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    Social Support

    Lung transplant can be difficult emotionally and physically. It’s impossible to go through the process alone. People who are going through the process need many kinds of support from friends and family.

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    Planning to Pay for a Transplant

    It is important to understand that having a lung transplant can be expensive before, during, and after the transplant. Your health insurance may cover many of the costs, but not all of them.

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    Why Mental Health Mattered When It Came to My Lung Transplant Journey

    As a social worker, my career has been primarily focused on crisis intervention and psychiatric hospitalizations for those with mental illness. It wasn't until I received a double-lung transplant that I learned firsthand just how important mental health and trauma management can be.

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