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About Cystic Fibrosis

Learn about cystic fibrosis, a genetic lung disorder that affects the pancreas and other organs, and how to treat and live with this chronic disease.

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    A Teacher's Guide to CF

    A teacher's guide to maximizing the learning experience for students with cystic fibrosis.

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    When There's More Than One Person With CF in the Same School

    When there is more than one person with CF at the same school, here are easy steps you can take to help lower the risk of cross-infection.

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    Individualized Education (504) Plans

    Learn about federal laws, including Individual Education Plans (IEP), that ensure your child's educational needs are being met.

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With more than 70 chapters and offices across the country, it’s easy to find and join a local Cystic Fibrosis Foundation chapter near you.

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