How Do I Find a Clinical Trial and Stay Informed?

Your care team can help you consider the pros and cons of whether participation in a clinical trial is right for you or your child. The Cystic Fibrosis Foundation Clinical Trial Finder is a great way to find clinical trials you or your child might be interested in. You can also sign up for email alerts when new trials are beginning.

Talk to Your Care Team

People with CF who participate in clinical trials are trailblazers. If you would like to participate in a clinical trial, talk to your care team. Your cystic fibrosis doctor may be aware of trials for which you or your child might be eligible. 

Many CF clinical trials take place in the Therapeutics Development Network (TDN), which is primarily funded by the CF Foundation. If your care center is a part of the TDN, the research coordinator also would be a good resource to help you find a clinical trial. If there are no studies at your CF care center, a referral can be made so you can participate in a study at another CF research center while you continue to receive your care at your care center. Find a TDN center near you.

Learn about what motivates Jessica to participate in clinical trials.

Use the Clinical Trial Finder

Find specific clinical trials you might be eligible for by using the CF Foundation's Clinical Trial Finder.

Print information about clinical trials to bring into the clinic and speak with your care team to see if you are eligible. 

Watch the video below to learn more.

You also can use ResearchMatch, a nonprofit site partially funded by the National Institutes of Health. This website may include clinical trials for CF that are not listed in the Clinical Trial Finder.

Set Up an Alert

Want to be notified when a new CF trial is posted? Sign up for the CF Foundation's clinical trial alert tool, and get email alerts sent directly to your inbox when new trials are posted or when results from a trial are released.

Check the List

You also may want to check the list of Current and Upcoming CF Foundation Approved Clinical Trials, which can be found here.

Consider Traveling to Another Care Center

If you or your child are not eligible for a clinical trial at your local care center, use the trial finder to find one elsewhere or ask your care team if there is a trial at another care center. You may receive compensation for your cost to travel, which could include airfare and hotel stay.

Your care center will still be your primary care center, and you will need to continue going there for the management of your disease.

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