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CFTR 3-D Structure Consortium

Understanding the three-dimensional structure of CFTR will enable structure-based drug discovery efforts geared at developing new treatments for cystic fibrosis.

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    CFTR Folding Consortium

    The CFTR Folding Consortium builds knowledge of CFTR folding and trafficking, and develops and distributes reagents and methods to facilitate research that improves this understanding.

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    Epithelial Stem Cell Consortium

    The Cystic Fibrosis Foundation recently established an Epithelial Stem Cell Consortium that brings together investigators who will collaborate and share data to expedite the pace of CF-related stem cell research.

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    Mucociliary Clearance Consortium

    Understanding how alterations in the airway environment, including abnormal mucus and mucociliary transport lead to the development of chronic airway diseases will yield more precise diagnoses, better standards of clinical care and advance new and effective treatments.

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    CF Biomarker Consortium

    The Cystic Fibrosis Biomarker Consortium works to identify and validate CF biomarkers to advance research and improve clinical care for people with CF.

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