Abbe Granelle

Mother of children with CF

I love being a mom and now a grandma. I run a learning center in North Carolina where we instruct, school, and evaluate students for learning disabilities. My joy comes from being able to help these students overcome their learning disabilities with learning plans, to advocate for them, and to make sure schools teach them the way they need to learn. My involvement with the Foundation began in 1991 when our first son was diagnosed. We helped run the Great Strides Walk in Suffolk County, N.Y. and later become involved with the Western Carolinas Chapter when we moved to North Carolina. I am on my second year being a district team captain in advocating for CF.

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Having two sons living with cystic fibrosis, I struggled for years with the financial burdens and restrictions of the insurance market. Since the Affordable Care Act was passed in 2010, I no longer have to worry about lifetime caps and astronomical premiums -- two issues that caused enormous grief for my family.

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