Amye Phinazee

Adult with CF

Amye, 25, was diagnosed with CF at birth. She is resilient and does not let CF hold her back. She strives to live a normal life and is diligent about taking care of herself and fighting for her future. Amye and her husband, Zach, are youth pastors in north Georgia. They enjoy going to the beach, the mountains, and concerts. She also blogs at  and enjoys cooking and featuring her creations on her Instagram (@phinazeeeats). Amye's spunk is often contagious, and she works to inspire everyone around her to live the best life they can. 

Blog Posts


The convenience of growing up and living in a small town is that everyone knows your cystic fibrosis story. But, moving to a new city doesn't mean you have to greet everyone with a monologue about your illness. Wait until CF creates an opening.

| 5 min read

I used to be afraid of the thought of participating in a clinical trial for a cystic fibrosis medication. But when my doctor asked me recently if I was interested, I jumped at the chance. My desire to help myself and the CF community finally outweighed my fears.

| 5 min read

Dating did not adequately prepare my husband for the mental toll that cystic fibrosis takes in your life; but he rose to the challenge in our first year of marriage, and I discovered the beauty of vulnerability. 

| 4 min read