Eliza Callard

Adult with CF

A writer and meditator, Eliza was a reporter decades ago but now focuses on poetry. She is a CF peer mentor through CF Peer Connect and acts in various other volunteer roles. In addition to posting her publications list and upcoming poetry readings, Eliza answers emails she gets through the contact page of her website elizacallard.com. She is from Philly, really does love soft pretzels with gobs of yellow mustard, and always roots, roots, roots for the Phillies.

Blog Posts


I didn't know whether to cry on my surgeon's shoulder or punch him. In the end, I did neither. I looked back at him, dug deep, and said over and over again, “No. I won't sign.”

| 5 min read

It may seem odd to some, but I'm finding a bittersweet pleasure in taking care of my aging parents. As a 45-year-old woman with cystic fibrosis, I feel lucky to be alive and able to repay them for years of doctor visits and at-home treatments.  

| 5 min read

Practicing meditation has helped me cope with many of the stresses that come with a life with cystic fibrosis.

| 5 min read