Sarah Boylan

Adult with CF

Sarah, a Denver native, is a graduate of the University of Colorado who found her passion for writing when she majored in English. Sarah was diagnosed with CF at 10 days old. Her favorite people in the world are her niece and nephew; she loves to travel internationally; and her happy place is unequivocally the beach. Sarah has been involved with the CF Foundation for years, volunteering, writing proposals, and speaking publicly. Her CF Great Strides team, Sarah's Striders, was the first group to get a CF bike ride in Colorado (Sarah's Riders). Her life motto: You gotta try everything at least twice. Find her on Instagram.

Blog Posts


Having been diagnosed with cystic fibrosis as a baby, I grew up thinking I had an early expiration date. Once I started taking Kalydeco®, my health completely changed for the better. For the first time, I had a solid future ahead of me, and I needed to prepare for it.

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