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Liz feeding her daughter Patricia


Helping My Daughter Learn to Like Food

My daughter was born with cystic fibrosis and with an aversion to food. Teaching her to enjoy meals has been crucial to helping her grow and stay healthy.

Liz Frater headshot.
Elizabeth Frater
| 5 min read
Lindsey Cissell hugging her daughter at the beach.


Educating Others About CF to Protect Our Daughter

We knew nothing about cystic fibrosis when my first daughter was born with the disease. We quickly became experts and took on the responsibility of educating our friends and family about what our daughter needed to stay healthy and thrive.

Lindsey Cissell headshot.
Lindsey Cissell
| 5 min read
Julia Purcell at a Great Strides walk with her mom and dad.


Living With an Invisible Illness

I wish people knew that even if I don’t look sick, I still struggle with the mental and physical aspects of cystic fibrosis. Even my family and friends don’t truly understand what this disease does to your mental health.

Julia Purcell headshot.
Julia Purcell
| 5 min read
Naomi at the top of a hike.


My Unpredictable Path to Lung Transplant

A sudden health setback turned my eventual lung transplant into an immediate one. Although the transplant didn’t go exactly to plan, my preparation helped the process go more smoothly.

Naomi Feltz headshot.
Naomi Feltz
| 5 min read
Abby with her husband and daughter smiling sitting in seats at a baseball stadium.


How I Learned to Let Go as a Parent of a Child With CF

As my daughter became a teenager, it was difficult for me at first to let her manage the responsibilities of her cystic fibrosis care on her own. It took going to see a therapist for me to wrap my head around the fact that it wasn’t my place to nag her about doing her treatments anymore. 

Abby Alten Schwartz headshot.
Abby Alten Schwartz
| 6 min read
Breanna Ragland smiling in a bean bag chair with her dog in her lap next to her treatments.


Being Diagnosed With ADHD Made Life With CF Easier

I recently was diagnosed with a type of attention deficit hyperactivity disorder, which helps explain why I sometimes didn’t keep up with daily care. By taking ADHD into account, I’m managing my cystic fibrosis better.

Breanna Ragland headshot.
Breanna Ragland
| 6 min read