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Brian outside pointing at the Golden Gate Bridge


The Good and Bad of Transplant

The road to recovery after a lung transplant can be long and arduous. It took me awhile to appreciate all the benefits, but I am blessed with the ability to breathe and a new-found confidence that has emboldened me to try new things.

Brian Armstrong
| 6 min read
Tara smiling with her partner.


Fear of Living Life Fully After Transplant

I’m still trying to define who I am after a double-lung and liver transplant five years ago. Although I am much healthier, I sometimes still struggle with my physical and mental health, and I don’t know what I want to do next in my life.

| 8 min read
Jerry smiling with a thumbs up with his nurse in the hospital while wearing a mask.


Transplant Recovery Then and Now

I underwent liver and kidney transplants in 2021 after a successful lung transplant in 2012. For a number of reasons, the recovery from second transplant was much more difficult.

Jerry Cahill Headshot
| 5 min read
Kasey standing in front of a chalk mural that is a picture of rainbow wings.


The Best Reluctant Decision I Ever Made

I resisted being listed for a lung transplant; but now, almost six years later I’m thankful — especially to my donor — for my new life.

Kasey Raffensperger headshot
| 10 min read
Larissa in a hospital gown hugging her son after her lung transplant.


Redefining Myself After Lung Transplant

A life with cystic fibrosis taught me how to be sick. After a lung transplant, I had to learn how to be well.

Larissa Marocco headshot
| 7 min read
Lauren Molasky sitting down on the couch with her husband, two children, and dog.


Year Two in the Pandemic

In my experience, the best way to support a loved one with cystic fibrosis is to listen closely and remember the details of his or her most common treatments and complaints.

Lauren Molasky headshot
| 5 min read