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Carolyn standing outside with an IV pole wearing a mask.


Raising Young Children While Frequenting the Hospital For CF

When my four children were young, it was important for my husband and me to protect their sense of security. We did what we could to reduce their fears about my frequent hospital visits and even make it fun for them at times. 

Carolyn Ottke-Moore
| 7 min read


Holidays in the Hospital

I've spent many Christmases in the hospital; cystic fibrosis never takes a vacation. But over the years, I found ways to fill my hospital room with holiday cheer.

| 5 min read


Never Alone: My COVID-19 Experience

Being hospitalized with COVID-19 was isolating, even my daughter was not allowed to visit. But, thanks to the women and men who provided my care, I was never alone.

| 6 min read


Scenes From A Hospital Room

I wrote this poem to my daughter as I watched over her in the hospital.

| 2 min read


Staying Positive After My First Hospitalization

I went the first 17 years of my life without being hospitalized, but CF caught up to me when I had my first “tune up” last year. As much as I thought I knew about what it would be like, I wasn't prepared for how that first hospitalization would feel.

| 5 min read


8 Essential Items for Long Hospital Stays

As someone who is in the hospital three to four times a year, I've found that there are a few things I need to create a comfortable environment. I love to look online and see what other people with CF bring to the hospital, so hopefully, my list will give you a few ideas for your next stay.

| 6 min read