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How I Got My Son to See the Importance of Taking His CF Medications

At first, it was easy to get my son to do his cystic fibrosis treatments. But as he got older, he started to hide his medications, rather than take them. I finally learned how to get him to see the importance of taking his medications.

| 7 min read


The Wait For My Son’s Trikafta

I am both excited and scared that my son will be old enough to try Trikafta when he turns 12 later this year. In some ways, I can hardly wait to see how he will benefit. But I also know that he might experience side effects, and I don't want him to have any setbacks.

| 4 min read


Trikafta Shattered My Negative Attitude and Expectations

Having already been underwhelmed by Orkambi® and Symdeko®, I was skeptical about whether the triple-combination therapy would live up to the hype. However, after a month of being on Trikafta®, I feel improvements in my lung function, weight, and overall energy.

| 7 min read


What Does “Better” Mean on Trikafta?

The imagination can run wild thinking of all the possible scenarios that could happen after trying the new triple-combination modulator, Trikafta™. Managing expectations -- while allowing yourself to hope -- is how I choose to approach my wait for the new drug.

| 5 min read


I Have Two Nonsense Mutations. Here’s What a Path to a Cure Means to Me

When the news of the Trikafta™ approval came out, I was simultaneously excited for people with CF that would benefit and disappointed that another new medicine is passing me by. But, hearing about the next wave of research into a cure for ALL people with CF has me looking forward to the future. 

| 5 min read


Let’s Talk About It: Complementary and Alternative Medicines and Supplements

As a CF pharmacist, I've received many questions about complementary and alternative medications and supplements over the years. Although I am admittedly not the first person to “jump at the idea,” I always make sure to stay informed about available products and listen to my patients without judgement so that we can partner together to develop the best treatment plans for them.

| 6 min read