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Ryan Grass smiling with his wife and twin daughters.


When Are You Going To Have Kids?

On our journey to become parents, my wife and I experienced several disappointments and began to question the entire process. Meeting our daughters made it worthwhile.

Ryan Grass headshot
Ryan Grass
| 5 min read


What I Wish I Knew When I Was Pregnant With CF

When I was pregnant in the early 2000s, there was little information available about cystic fibrosis and pregnancy, and I didn't even know what concerns to address with my providers. I am glad more women with CF have shared their family building experience.

Melissa Shiffman
| 5 min read


Becoming a Dad After Receiving a Lung Transplant

Because of the medications I must take as a result of my lung transplant, I thought it might be too difficult to conceive a baby through in vitro fertilization. I was wrong. I'm expecting a son in November.

Kyle Cole
| 4 min read


Reproductive Health Q&A: How Modulators Affect Fertility and Pregnancy in CF

Does Trikafta® increase the chance of pregnancy for women with cystic fibrosis? Can men regain their fertility on modulators? I recently had a candid chat with the chair of the Women's Health Research Working Group to find out the answers to these and other questions about reproductive health.

Jennifer L. Taylor-Cousar, MD, MSCS, ATSF
| 11 min read


Facing and Embracing CFRD

Although I didn't have cystic fibrosis-related diabetes, I avoided dealing with my blood sugars. Now that I do, I feel stronger physically and emotionally.

Megan Lepore
| 5 min read


Opening Up About My Struggle Getting Pregnant

One year. My doctor gave me one year to try to get pregnant before treating me for my infections. Trying to get pregnant while still treating my CF the right way is one of the hardest battles we have had to fight.

Brittany Wager
| 8 min read