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Cora, a young girl, coloring and smiling.


Using Creativity to Support My Mental Health

Art has been my therapy throughout my life, but it took on new meaning when I had a daughter with cystic fibrosis. Now creating artwork helps carry me through the stress of CF life.

Erin Cessna headshot.
Erin Cessna
| 5 min read
Molly smiling with her mom and two sisters.


Why I Decided Not to Have Children

I grew up thinking I would never be able to have children because of my CF. While advancements in treatments have made motherhood a possibility for many, I ultimately made the painful decision to not have children.

Molly Baker headshot.
Molly Baker
| 6 min read
Luisa sitting on the grass with a mask on outside with her dog.


Giving You Permission to Accept My Chronic Illness

Although I don’t consider having a chronic illness like cystic fibrosis a good thing, I accept it and I think others should, too.

Luisa Palazola
| 3 min read
Whitney with her husband, Alex and son, Joseph.


Building Mutual Trust With My Child’s Care Team

Although the initial diagnosis for cystic fibrosis seemed to elude our doctors, we knew in our hearts that our son had cystic fibrosis. When we advocated for and got a CF doctor, we began a relationship that became a partnership of mutual trust and respect.

Whitney Klepadlo headshot.
Whitney Klepadlo
| 5 min read
Liz feeding her daughter Patricia


Helping My Daughter Learn to Like Food

My daughter was born with cystic fibrosis and with an aversion to food. Teaching her to enjoy meals has been crucial to helping her grow and stay healthy.

Liz Frater headshot.
Elizabeth Frater
| 5 min read
Lindsey Cissell hugging her daughter at the beach.


Educating Others About CF to Protect Our Daughter

We knew nothing about cystic fibrosis when my first daughter was born with the disease. We quickly became experts and took on the responsibility of educating our friends and family about what our daughter needed to stay healthy and thrive.

Lindsey Cissell headshot.
Lindsey Cissell
| 5 min read