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The CF Community Blog is written by the community, for the community. It's about sharing our experiences, reflections, and perspectives — the good days, the bad days, and all the tough and wonderful things in between. With topics ranging from emotional health to treatments, the blog is a platform to share your unique story.

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Natalie smiling with her mask on sitting at a desk.


What It Means to Have a Full-Time Job With CF

Throughout my life with cystic fibrosis, I have marked many milestones. My most important one yet is holding a full-time job while managing my health.

Natalie Keyes
| 7 min read
Brogavantty Dunwoody smiling in scrubs and giving a peace sign.


How Having CF Shaped My Nursing Career

When I became a nurse, I was determined to be punctual and reliable, and I excelled despite my cystic fibrosis. But on the advice of a CF doctor, I changed my career trajectory, which at first caused heartbreak, but eventually led to a leadership opportunity.

Brogavantty Dunwoody
| 5 min read


Pursuing a Career in Radio and TV Despite My CF

For the most part, I have been fortunate with my cystic fibrosis in that I never needed to go into the hospital. But, that all changed in 2008. Fortunately, I was able to start using Kalydeco. My health improved, and I was able to continue my career in radio and TV.

| 6 min read


Disability is a Reinvestment, Not a Defeat

Although I resisted it at first -- and wrestled with what it said about my worth as a person -- going on disability has helped me become healthier, happier, and more fulfilled than I was when I was working.

| 5 min read


Getting in Shape: How CF Led Me to My Dream Job

Growing up with cystic fibrosis made me feel different and like I had a lot to overcome. The road that led me to my own personal training business showed me that CF has shaped me in good ways.

| 5 min read


Why I Decided to Take Time Off From Work

Taking time off from work to focus on your health is never an easy choice. Here is the story about how I made this decision, as well as some tips and advice for navigating working with cystic fibrosis.

| 6 min read