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Anthony McDaniel posing with his family in a park


Learning How to Balance Adult Life With CF

Fitting school, work, and CF treatments into my daily routine is tough, and when I push myself too far, my performance and health suffer. I’m determined, however, to keep going and find a balance that is right for me.

A headshot of Anthony McDaniel
| 5 min read
Sarina smiling in front a school white board that says "How's it going?"


6 Tips for A Successful School Year From a Counselor With CF

Navigating school can be challenging when you have cystic fibrosis. The following tips can help parents and students feel prepared for a productive school year.

Headshot of Sarina Sandstrom Lynn
| 9 min read
Shandra and her daughter holding hands and wearing black gowns outside


How I Fulfilled My Dream of Graduating

I was determined to finish school and set a good example for my children. Along the way, I learned how important it is to have a strong support system to help manage the challenges that can come with cystic fibrosis while I pursue my dreams.

A selfie of Shandra Arceneaux
| 5 min read
Jamie and his daughter, Desi, standing in front of the school bus


How I Manage My Daughter’s CF During the School Year

Preparing for the school year with cystic fibrosis involves careful planning and advocacy. Since my daughter, Desi, started school, I’ve learned about how to best prepare Desi, her teachers, and school administration to help ensure her education and health thrive.

| 7 min read
Rose playing the board game Monopoly in her hospital bed.


Taking the Reins of My Own Care

One of the reasons I decided to attend boarding school was to take charge of my cystic fibrosis care. Although I’m not perfect at taking care of myself, I learned that the importance of staying on top of treatments when my parents gave me the chance to fail.

Rose Keller
| 6 min read
Jamie Roney and Family at School


What We Taught Our Daughter Before She Started School

My daughter, Desi, recently started school. Here's what we did to prepare her to manage her cystic fibrosis and navigate the COVID-19 pandemic — and what we learned in the process.

| 7 min read