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Rose playing the board game Monopoly in her hospital bed.


Taking the Reins of My Own Care

One of the reasons I decided to attend boarding school was to take charge of my cystic fibrosis care. Although I’m not perfect at taking care of myself, I learned that the importance of staying on top of treatments when my parents gave me the chance to fail.

Rose Keller
| 6 min read
Jamie Roney and Family at School


What We Taught Our Daughter Before She Started School

My daughter, Desi, recently started school. Here's what we did to prepare her to manage her cystic fibrosis and navigate the COVID-19 pandemic -- and what we learned in the process.

| 7 min read


CF Prepared Me for Isolation, But Not Homeschooling

The pandemic made me a homeschool teacher last spring. After deciding we would continue homeschooling our kids this fall, we agreed we needed to shake things up. Gone was the cluttered kitchen table where we were doing lessons before, and in its place is a “classroom” we made in our garage.

| 5 min read


Why I Chose to Go Back to School in Person

My school gave students a choice of how they want to go back to school: virtually or in person. After considering what made sense for my CF, learning style, and mental health, I decided to attend school in person.

| 5 min read


Putting Convenience Before the Vulnerable

Abandoning precautions to return to “normal” will put the health of people who may be at high risk for serious illness from COVID-19 in danger.

| 6 min read


What I Wish Colleges Would Understand About Reopening

When my university first shut down in March because of COVID-19, I thought our quarantine would be temporary. Now I am contemplating a fully online fall semester. I'm calling on all colleges to continue to accommodate the needs of their high-risk students.

| 6 min read