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The CF Community Blog is written by the community, for the community. It's about sharing our experiences, reflections, and perspectives — the good days, the bad days, and all the tough and wonderful things in between. With topics ranging from emotional health to treatments, the blog is a platform to share your unique story.

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Lathronia and her son at a restaurant.


My Advice to Other Parents of Color About Their Child With CF

My son, who is Black, has cystic fibrosis. It seems like just a normal fact of life, but I have become frustrated with having to convince doctors that he really does have CF. I hope that one day people of color won’t have to have the same experience.

| 5 min read
Cora, a young girl, coloring and smiling.


Using Creativity to Support My Mental Health

Art has been my therapy throughout my life, but it took on new meaning when I had a daughter with cystic fibrosis. Now creating artwork helps carry me through the stress of CF life.

Erin Cessna headshot.
| 5 min read
Lindsey Cissell hugging her daughter at the beach.


Educating Others About CF to Protect Our Daughter

We knew nothing about cystic fibrosis when my first daughter was born with the disease. We quickly became experts and took on the responsibility of educating our friends and family about what our daughter needed to stay healthy and thrive.

Lindsey Cissell headshot.
| 5 min read
Abby with her husband and daughter smiling sitting in seats at a baseball stadium.


How I Learned to Let Go as a Parent of a Child With CF

As my daughter became a teenager, it was difficult for me at first to let her manage the responsibilities of her cystic fibrosis care on her own. It took going to see a therapist for me to wrap my head around the fact that it wasn’t my place to nag her about doing her treatments anymore. 

Abby Alten Schwartz headshot.
| 6 min read
Handwritten sign from a child thanking doctors for their research for COVID-19.


Children With CF and COVID-19

As a community, we are very good at masking and keeping a safe distance to reduce risk from germs. And just like we have highly effective therapies to treat CF, we now have highly effective vaccines to protect our kids from COVID-19.

Lael Yonker headshot
| 5 min read
Kelsey Scott selfie with baby outside


How Finding Other Mothers to Share the Good and Bad of CF Helped Me

Being a parent to a child with cystic fibrosis is hard. You need to hear from someone else in your shoes that it’s OK to grieve for the life you thought you were going to have with your child.

Kelsey Scott Headshot
| 7 min read