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The CF Community Blog is written by the community, for the community. It's about sharing our experiences, reflections, and perspectives -- the good days, the bad days, and all the tough and wonderful things in between. With topics ranging from emotional health to treatments, the blog is a platform to share your unique story.

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Molly smiling with her mom and two sisters.


Why I Decided Not to Have Children

I grew up thinking I would never be able to have children because of my CF. While advancements in treatments have made motherhood a possibility for many, I ultimately made the painful decision to not have children.

Molly Baker headshot.
Molly Baker
| 6 min read
Ryan Grass smiling with his wife and twin daughters.


When Are You Going To Have Kids?

On our journey to become parents, my wife and I experienced several disappointments and began to question the entire process. Meeting our daughters made it worthwhile.

Ryan Grass headshot
Ryan Grass
| 5 min read


What I Wish I Knew When I Was Pregnant With CF

When I was pregnant in the early 2000s, there was little information available about cystic fibrosis and pregnancy, and I didn't even know what concerns to address with my providers. I am glad more women with CF have shared their family building experience.

Melissa Shiffman
| 5 min read


Becoming a Dad After Receiving a Lung Transplant

Because of the medications I must take as a result of my lung transplant, I thought it might be too difficult to conceive a baby through in vitro fertilization. I was wrong. I'm expecting a son in November.

Kyle Cole
| 4 min read


Reproductive Health Q&A: How Modulators Affect Fertility and Pregnancy in CF

Does Trikafta® increase the chance of pregnancy for women with cystic fibrosis? Can men regain their fertility on modulators? I recently had a candid chat with the chair of the Women's Health Research Working Group to find out the answers to these and other questions about reproductive health.

Jennifer L. Taylor-Cousar, MD, MSCS, ATSF
| 11 min read


Facing and Embracing CFRD

Although I didn't have cystic fibrosis-related diabetes, I avoided dealing with my blood sugars. Now that I do, I feel stronger physically and emotionally.

Megan Lepore
| 5 min read