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Meet my son Kiran, a happy, charming and adorable 18-month-old with CF. We're telling his story this #GivingTuesday to raise awareness and funds for the CF Foundation. Donate today.

Nov. 29, 2016 | 3 min read
Carolyn Crandall

Our son Kiran is a happy, charming and adorable 18-month-old. He and his fraternal twin, Raj, love to play at the park and spend time with our family and friends. They spend most of the day babbling to one another and playing with our dog, Franny.

In February of this year, Kiran was diagnosed with an incredibly rare mutation of cystic fibrosis. While they watch “Sesame Street,” Kiran has to strap on his vest for airway clearance and nebulizer to inhale medications. And while Raj digs into his breakfast, Kiran has to start with enzymes.

Kiran with his favorite “Sesame Street” characters.

We know that we're lucky that Kiran was born in 2015, a time when research to treat CF is as progressive and remarkable as it is. And, every doctor we talk to is so positive, giving us hope that by the time Kiran is 20, living with this disease will be totally different. But, we won't be truly done with CF until the research results in a one-time cure for all, even those like Kiran, who have a rare mutation.

Some days are harder than others and there are days when Kiran's diagnosis still hits me like a ton of bricks. I never wished to be a part of this community, but most days I am filled with positivity for Kiran's future and his health because of this knowledgeable, supportive community and the CF Foundation.   

What's important to me is that my twins have a similar life. I know that Kiran will have some additional struggles and that's something we've come to terms with, but in his life, I want him to do everything his brother can do -- have the same school experience, play the same sports -- I want him to have everything he wants for himself.

Raj is on the left, Kiran is on the right, ready for a car ride.

I know that all of this will be possible because of the Foundation and its work in advocacy, care and cutting-edge research. The Foundation means that my son, and many other kids like him, will see more tomorrows added to their lives. And that's why we need to continue to support their work by giving our time, talent and contributions.

As a mother who is looking out for her baby boy -- and for others in the CF community who have this disease -- I'm asking you to join me today, #GivingTuesday, and donate to the Cystic Fibrosis Foundation. Every donation matters.

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Carolyn is mother to twin sons, Kiran and Raj. Kiran was diagnosed with cystic fibrosis before his first birthday. Raised in New Jersey, Carolyn moved to New York City after graduating from Hamilton College and works in schools as a counselor and learning specialist.

Carolyn and her family jumped in to their first Great Strides walk in 2016, which was a wonderful success. She is happy to be a part of the Foundation and is always excited to get more involved. Carolyn lives with her sons, her husband Arvind Grover, and their dog Franny. They love to spend time outside as a family.

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