How I Calm My Nerves Before Clinic Days

When I'm getting ready for clinic days, I fight the stress and anxiety with extra treatments, time with my dogs, and a semi-public singing of one of my favorite 80s songs. What do you do before your clinic appointments?

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Somer Love

OK, so by now we have established that pulmonary function tests (PFTs) -- or any medical test or procedure for that matter -- can cause some stress and anxietyI wrote about PFT anxiety before and Megan Lepore also wrote a great post on how to combat PFT anxiety. It's a real thing, guys!

So, I want to talk about PFT rituals, or superstitions, or whatever you want to call them. All I know is they help to calm my nerves.

I have a complete ritual that I follow every time I go to clinic ... I even wear a pair of lucky shoes. Whatever it takes, right?!


On clinic days, I like to wake up early to get a treatment in and eat just enough so I can take all my pills and still get in a deep(ish) breath. Then, I like to relax with my pugs and sip on my coffee for an hour. Just before it's time to leave, I squeeze in another albuterol treatment. Albuterol and coffee ... now that is the breakfast of champions.

Each day before I walk out the door, I always tell my pups goodbye. But on clinic days, I make a point to tell them “I'll be back.” I forgot to tell them one time and -- you guessed it -- I was admitted. Although I'm not saying that was the reason, wondering about it kept me up at night. It was one of those 3 a.m. pressing questions that keep you from getting any sleep.

So, when I get to the hospital, I park my car in the garage and turn on “Like A Prayer” by the one and only Madonna on full blast. I sing, meditate, and channel my inner Madonna. Music can be so healing, and it always helps calm me. Plus, I feel like it really opens up my airways and puts some extra pep in my step. I feel like I need to record all the looks I get from strangers!

After my PFTs are done and I've put in all that hard work, I treat myself to some Starbucks. My hospital has one in the lobby, and I have to say, a lil' cup of happiness can go a long way on long clinic days.

What are some things you do to help calm your nerves? Do you have a clinic day ritual? I can't wait to hear what you guys do. Breathe out Love! Xo

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