CF and School During COVID-19

The following questions and answers address concerns from the community about COVID-19 and school.

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Is it safe for my child to attend school in person? 

  • The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) recommends that all children attend school in person as long as safety measures are in place. This includes the recommendation that all people in K–12 schools -- including teachers, staff, children, and visitors -- wear masks, even if they are vaccinated. Parents of children with cystic fibrosis who are not yet old enough to receive the COVID-19 vaccine of who live in school districts where people do not wear masks in schools should speak with their care teams about their individual circumstances. 
  • The option of distance learning should be available for all people whose health makes the risk of attending school in person too great.
  • Compass can help families facing these bans by connecting them to resources to discuss school accommodations.

Are there any helpful resources for parents considering what to do about school? 

  • Resources that can help you in weighing the risks and benefits associated with school include:
    • In addition to what you can download on this page, the CDC, which offers resources to help families decide between in-person and virtual learning for their children. 
    • Your care team, who can help you consider the risks and benefits of in-person or distance learning.
    • CF clinicians discussed school reopening as well as answered audience questions during a virtual event. You can view the recording on the Foundation’s YouTube channel
    • You can learn more about individualized education plans (IEPs) and 504 plans on
    • CF Foundation Compass case managers can help connect you to resources to understand your legal rights and how to navigate the process.
    • The administrator or counselor at your child’s school can discuss the school’s plan for reducing the risk of COVID-19 and actions they will take if there are confirmed COVID-19 cases at the school.

This fall, I expect my employer to pull the option of at-home learning for students and that our school district will no longer afford me the opportunity to teach from home. Brad Johns, adult with CF, from the CF Community Blog

What are 504 plans and IEPs? When could I request one and would they even help?

  • Parents of children with CF can request an individualized education plan (IEP) or a 504 plan for their child from their school. 
  • IEPs are generally used for students whose health conditions affect their ability to learn
  • 504 plans are used for students who need accommodations to access their education. 
  • Some schools will recommend 504 plans since CF does not cognitively affect a student’s ability to learn; however, many schools will recommend an IEP since missing school due to an exacerbation affects the student’s ability to learn. 
  • For IEPs and 504 plans, you will need to request an evaluation from the school. 
  • Ask your CF care center for a sample letter that your doctor can send to the school, explaining how CF affects your child and identifying accommodations that may help. 
  • Once a student qualifies for services, the school will hold a team meeting with the family to make an IEP or 504 plan.
  • CF Foundation Compass case managers can help connect you to resources to understand your legal rights and how to navigate the process.

Is it safe for my child to participate in extracurricular activities? 

  • The decision to allow your child to participate in extracurricular activities is based on personal circumstances. We recommend you speak with your child’s care team to discuss the best decision for your child. You can prepare for the discussion by considering the following factors:
    • Your child’s health
    • How common COVID-19 is in your community
    • Is the activity taking place outside and/or with a smaller group?
    • The plan the facility has for decreasing the risk of COVID-19 spread, such as physical distancing, mask use, or disinfecting equipment or the facilities.
    • If the activity’s risk is lower (singles tennis) or higher (wrestling).
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