Health Care Reform Extends Coverage Options for Young Adults with CF
| 2 min read

For the growing number of young adults with cystic fibrosis, finding affordable coverage is difficult, as many are unable to work or to work full time and cannot afford individual insurance plans.

But as national health care reform measures go into effect, young adults - including those with CF - will have less need to worry about health insurance as they venture out into the world.

Under the Affordable Care Act, young adults can remain on their parents' insurance plans until age 26. In the past, many insurers removed adult children from their parents' policies once they graduated or moved away from home, leaving some with no insurance at all.

According to the Kaiser Family Foundation, staying on a parent's plan may be the best option for many young adults. The new law requires plans that offer dependent coverage to extend that coverage to adult children until they are 26 - even if they no longer live with their parents, have existing medical conditions or are not listed as dependents on their parents' tax returns.

The new law also creates other coverage options that offer better protection than previously and could be suitable for young adults with CF who don't have access to a family plan.

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