CF Foundation Meets with Private Insurers, Medicaid Officials and Other Health Experts to Help People with CF Access High Quality Care

At a meeting hosted by the Cystic Fibrosis Foundation, private insurers, state Medicaid officials, care center providers, health experts and people with CF and their families came together to discuss innovative ways to continue improving high quality CF care on February 4.

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The goal of the meeting was to identify opportunities for the Foundation to work with the CF community to provide payers, including private insurers and Medicaid, with the tools and information necessary to make appropriate, informed coverage decisions in order to provide high-quality, specialty care to people with CF.

During the forum, the Foundation shared with payers its ongoing work to better utilize the CF Patient Registry, improve standardization of care, reduce the administrative burden on care center providers and people living with CF and improve patient health. Recent data suggests that providers spend 52 percent of their time on administrative tasks, such as communicating with insurance companies and Medicaid regarding prior authorization requests and denials or appeals for coverage.

Ilene Hollin, a Health Economics Ph.D. candidate at Johns Hopkins University and adult with CF, described her typical day. Between therapies, research and studies, time spent on the phone with insurance companies, care providers and pharmacies, she is left with just two hours void of responsibility.

“For a disease that already cuts your life short, I just want more time to enjoy myself,” Ilene said.

The CF Foundation will continue to collaborate with payers and providers to find ways to work together to create better patient outcomes and improve the quality of care.

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