Partnering With Your Care Team

The health care professionals that make up your CF care team are experts in CF care. But you are the expert on the daily challenges of living with your CF. That means you play an essential role with your care team in creating a personalized treatment plan that is realistic and consistent with your lifestyle.

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Your treatment plan should be based on your medical test results, changes in your health, new available therapies, and your personal goals.

By communicating regularly with your care team, you can make sure that your treatment plan continues to address the evolving challenges of living with CF. It's important to let your care team know about changes or challenges in your life so that your treatment plan can be adjusted to meet your needs.

These changes may include attending college or starting a new job, upcoming travel, a new relationship, or other significant events in your life. Potential challenges could be the physical and emotional challenges that come with aging or pressure from friends or family to participate in activities that you do not feel up to or which may put you at risk of exposure to people who are sick.

Discussions with your care team can happen during a clinic visit or in the hospital, and you can always reach out by calling your care center between visits.


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