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Working With Your Child's School

Find the tools and resources you need to help your child achieve academic success while maintaining his or her health.

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Did You Know?

About one in every 31 Americans are symptomless carriers of the defective CF gene.

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Germs and the Gym

Gyms are wonderful places to exercise, but they can also be great places for germs. Germs can spread as far as 6 feet (2 meters) through droplets released in the air by coughs or sneezes, and can remain in the air on tiny droplets -- ready to be breathed in.

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New Ideas Energize Scientists at CF Research Conference

The Foundation hosted a small conference that brought together CF scientists, clinical researchers and biotechnology and pharmaceutical industry representatives. Learn more and watch a short video of attendees sharing their thoughts about the progress we are making in CF research.

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Meet Three of Pittsburgh’s 50 Finest

August 21, 2015

Meet a few faces from the 2015 Pittsburgh's 50 Finest event and learn how they raised funds and awareness for the CF cause.

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