Whether you’re looking to talk to someone, find your local chapter or care center, or read some additional information, we have plenty of resources to help.

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Living with CF, you probably face complicated challenges related to getting the care you need. CF Foundation Compass makes sure that no one has to do it alone.

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CF Foundation Compass is a service that helps people with CF and their families with navigating insurance options, connecting to legal information and experts, finding available financial resources, and tackling other life issues.

Understanding Insurance Managing Finances Know Your Legal Rights Social Security Disability and CF Claims and Appeals Disaster and Emergency Preparedness Plan
Compass We can help guide you on:


  • Insurance coverage and benefits
  • Resources to pay for therapies and medications
  • Legal information on disability and government benefits
  • Legal information on employment or school issues
  • Dealing with other concerns related to life with CF
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New to CF? Just diagnosed?

Have you or your child just been diagnosed with CF? We know it can feel hard to know where to start, so we've collected a few key items to help you. We welcome you to this amazing community.

I'm an adult who was just diagnosed My child has just been diagnosed
Support Resources CF Peer Connect

No matter where you are in life — whether you’re a person with CF, parent, or caregiver — CF Peer Connect can connect you to a peer who has been through a similar situation.

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Find a Local Chapter Find a Local Chapter

We have about 70 chapters and offices across the country that work diligently to raise funds and support our community in the search for a cure. They host events (including virtually and outdoors) and serve as a hub for the CF community. Get to know them!

Care Centers Find a Care Center

We provide funding for and accredit more than 130 care centers and 35 affiliate programs nationwide. The high quality of specialized care available throughout the care center network has led to the improved length and quality of life for people with CF.

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Find a Lung Transplant Center

Whether you're considering a lung transplant or maintaining your health if you've had a transplant, this list can help you learn about transplant centers, including the one your cystic fibrosis care team may have referred you to.

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