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Airway Clearance Techniques (ACTs)

Airway clearance techniques (ACTs) are treatments that help a person with CF breathe easier. ACTs loosen thick, sticky lung mucus so it can be cleared by coughing or huffing; clearing the airways reduces lung infections and improves lung function.  

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    Basics of Lung Care

    Although cystic fibrosis affects many parts of the body, for most people who have the disease it is their lung function that presents the great challenge, often affecting their ability to breathe. These guidelines can help people living with CF maintain the highest lung function possible. 

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    Basics of Postural Drainage and Percussion

    Chest physical therapy (CPT), or postural drainage and percussion (PD & P), uses gravity and percussion (clapping on the chest and/or back) to loosen the thick, sticky mucus in the lungs so it can be removed by coughing. Unclogging the airways is key to keeping lungs healthy. 

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    Regular physical activity or exercise provides multiple benefits for those with CF. These benefits are more than improved lung function — they also help to strengthen bones, in managing diabetes and heart disease and improve your mood.

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