Congress: Up the Ante on Antibiotics

Scientists around the world agree that we are facing a shortage of effective antibiotics. Innovation is needed now. This is a problem that affects all Americans — and people with cystic fibrosis in particular.

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People with cystic fibrosis face a heightened, life-long risk of chronic infections, requiring routine use of antibiotics. But the CF community is not alone in needing more antibiotic innovation. This isn’t a CF problem; it’s a human problem — with dire consequences. Every 15 minutes a person in the United States dies from an antibiotic-resistant infection. New antibiotics are urgently needed to address this devastating issue. 

The Foundation, which represents less than 1% of the American population, has spent $109 million in three years to address this issue. But this global issue is not something one organization can solve. And while we are doing our part to address infections, research investment alone will not solve these challenges — we need Congress to do its part.

Our Policy Priorities

It’s vital to find ways to pay companies that bring much-needed new antibiotics to market. We need comprehensive action from Congress and the administration to enact policies that ensure access to antibiotics that work — both now and in the future. The PASTEUR Act, a bipartisan, bicameral proposal, will create a new post-market incentive structure that rewards companies who pursue and develop innovative new antibiotics and antifungals and will lead to a more robust pipeline of products. Key components include:

  • Funding for innovative therapies that would delink financial value from use
  • Post-market incentives that ensure innovative therapies stay on the market
  • Stewardship program funding that would allow these therapies to be effective for longer

Congress: It’s time to up the ante on antibiotics and pass the PASTEUR Act.

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