Brittany Mahoney

Mother of a child with CF

Brittany and her family live in San Diego, California. She is the stay-at-home mom of an 18-month-old with cystic fibrosis. Brittany spends her spare time blogging and sharing tips and recipes she's discovering through her website. She actively fundraises for the Cystic Fibrosis Foundation and loves to speak to various groups in their honor. Brittany enjoys cooking, reading, crafting, and hiking. You can find her on Facebook or email her at

Blog Posts


The night of our first cystic fibrosis-related fundraising gala was memorable in more ways than one. Thanks to new friendships, I got the chance to honor my daughter with CF in a special way.

| 4 min read

Although we may have had nine months to prepare, getting our daughter's cystic fibrosis diagnosis before she was born came with a unique set of challenges.

| 4 min read