Jamie Roney

Mother of a child with CF

Jamie lives in Atlanta with her husband, Ross, Great Dane, Coley, and daughter, Desi. She completed her undergraduate degree in human development and family studies with a focus in child life and preschool development at Auburn University, and received a master's degree in early childhood education (specifically Montessori education) at Belmont University. She enjoys spending time in the mountains of North Carolina, appreciates the art of handwritten letters, and is currently working to implement the “Konmari method of tidying” at home. When not at home, Jamie can be found taking an exercise class at Pure Barre, tailgating and cheering on the Auburn University football team, or spending time with local moms of children with cystic fibrosis sharing ideas.

To follow more of Jamie and Desi's story, you can find her on Instagram @DrivingMissDesi or visit her online store.

Blog Posts

Jamie Roney and Family at School

My daughter, Desi, recently started school. Here's what we did to prepare her to manage her cystic fibrosis and navigate the COVID-19 pandemic -- and what we learned in the process.

| 7 min read

I want my daughter to be prepared for the world when she grows up, and that includes taking charge of her CF. She is only 4 years old, but it's never too early to get her ready to take on her CF care by herself.

| 6 min read

Before my daughter's most recent clinic appointment, I took to social media and asked for tips on getting your child to start wearing a mask. Here's what worked for us.

| 5 min read